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Hello and welcome to Mansion Interviews, a podcast which gives me an excuse to talk to interesting people while at the same time improving your English.

Today we're speaking with the lovely Nic Burmester from the ex.pat podcast happylifemove (happylifemove.com).

On her podcast, Nic interviews people who have changed countries (like me and Nic!) to find a better and happier life

Nic is orginally from Germany and now she lives in Brighton on the South coast of England.

There are a few seconds of bad audio at the beginning of our chat. We were having some problems with Skype, but it gets better so please don't stop listening. Keep going and I'm sure you'll enjoy the conversation.

You can improve your listening with comprehension questions and find some help with difficult words from this interview at inglespodcast.com/nic



train tracks
to hang out
work ethic - ética de trabajo
a Christmas temp - a temporary worker for the Christmas period
to keep (someone) on - to continue employing someone after a temporary period
to network - to form relationships (contactar con gente/hacer contactos en el mundo de los negocios)
to cope with - hacer frente a, manejar, apañarse
to go with the flow - to take a relaxed approach - dejarse llevar
pebble - guijarro
flair - estilo, clase
shandy - clara, cerveza con limonada
skills - habilidad, talento
to give (you) an edge - dar(te) una ventaja
to take (someone) up on (something) - aceptar
to cuddle - abrazar(se)
yearning - deseo, ansia
basement - sótano
potion - poción


Nic suggests the following websites:

Meeting people abroad:





"Are You Being Served?" British sitcom (situation comedy) from the 1970's) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4e5spfGz1qc&list=PLUOxCrDh0oVdzF9o9Pf66QqehEMtR1qlb

If you would like to be a guest on Nic's podcast, send her an email: <nic@happylifemove.com>

Always a pleasure to chat to Nic, and I hope we can have her back on Mansion Interviews in the near future. You can check out Nic's website at: happylifemove.com) http://www.happylifemove.com/

Thank you to you for listening to this Mansion Interview. You can find more podcasts to improve your English at inglespodcast.com and you can study English free at mansioningles.com



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