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In this episode we're going to help you with your news vocabulary. Do you listen to the news? Are you confused with those long words they use on the BBC? We’ll help you understand them in this episode.

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Hi Reza and Craig ,
I´m Fancisco from El Ejido, Almeria and a long time fan . There is something that annoys me a lot and I´m wondering if other people feel the same .
The thing that annoys me is the bad use of English e.g. gonna instead of going to, wanna instead of want to, (and the most annoying one that we hear in every song these days) ain´t instead of aren't or isn't.
Does this annoy you or am I the only one? I am asking this because this is a subject that you haven´t yet covered in your podcasts. I would love if you could speak about this subject.
Kind regards,
Francisco Gutierrez.

Cortado - cortau / cuñado - cunyau - people are lazy!
Is it bad use or just different? What about written text messages?
‘Yeah’ instead of ‘yes’?
Should language be fossilized or is it constantly evolving and changing? - should there be a committee to protect language? - language police?

Voice message from Ignacio from Granada

Episode 85 (http://www.inglespodcast.com/2016/01/10/listening-to-the-news-news-and-currect-affairs-vocabulary-airc85/ )

Vocabulary often heard and read in the news

Remember that ‘news’ is an uncountable noun (some news / a piece of news / I have good news)

deadline – fecha límite, fecha tope
headlines – titular, cabecera
foreign correspondent – corresponsal extranjero, corresponsal en el extranjero
researcher – investigador, investigadora (do research, not make!)
to bury the lead
to cover a story – to report on an event or development
eyewitness reports
breaking news
newsreader (UK) / newscaster (USA) = presentador de noticias

More vocabulary
To axe - cut, cancel (axe = hacha) - More jobs have been axed at the Toyota plant.

To back (respaldar) - support, agree with. Will you back me if I ask for a pay rise?

To blast - criticise, condemn - The Prime Minister was blasted over his decision to cut government spending.

boost - increase - Huge boost in the economy

breakthrough - success - Breakthrough in fight against cancer

clash - disagree, fight - Famous author clashes with her publicist

crackdown - control, purge - Police crackdown on drugs

face (afrontar) - confront - We need to face facts / you have to face the music / Let's face it....

fury/outrage - extreme anger - Fury as police arrest famous footballer / Outrage as killer is set free

To go on the rampage - cause chaos, riot - Russian fans go on rampage after soccer match

To hit - affect - Elderly hit as temperatures drop

Plea (súplica) - request - Students’ plea for more government funding

pledge - promise - Valencia City Council pledges better transport service

probe - Investigate, investigation - Probe into paintings missing from museum

To purge - control, crackdown, get rid of - to purge something of - purgar algo de) purge on illegal drug use

To quit (dejar) - resign, leave - Politician quits education post

To raid / to swoop - attack - Police raid houses looking for terrorists - police swoop on drug den.

shake up - reform - Shake-up in police bureaucracy

To slam - criticise - Prime Minister slammed for backing the US.

To snub - avoid, fail to meet - Spanish Prime Minister snubs president

vow - promise - Home Secretary vows to reduce prostitution

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