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Richard and Linda bought a house in Spain and now share their time between the sunny Costa Blanca and their family and friends in the UK.

I spoke to them about their decision to come and live in Spain, what they like about living here and the time Richard drove from the UK to Spain in a sports car!

to kick off - to start
solicitor - abogado
council - ayuntamiento
ponderous - pesado/a, agotador/a
lawful - legal
taken aback (surprised, astonished) - dejar atónito
to potter on - move without ?hurrying, in a ?relaxed way, with little energy
take the lead - tomar la iniciativa
easy sailing - easy progress
high-rise developments - edificios de gran altura
to get aroud - moverse
arid - árido/a
firm - empresa, agencia
to engage - contratar
to take a sharp breath - tomar una respiración fuerte
barge in (push in) - colarse
to make up for - compensar
inevitably - inevitablemente
swimming trunks - traje de baño, bañador

1. When Richard lived in the UK, he was

an estate agent
a judge
a solicitor

2. What was the worst thing for Lynda about her job as a committee secretary?

the salary
the people
local politics

3. Who made the decision to move to Spain?

Linda's boss

4. What doesn't Richard miss about the UK

English beer
the weather

5. What surprised Richard when he first saw Moraira?

how traditional it was
how green it was
how easy it was to drive and park

6. What was an important consideration for Richard and Linda about the area they decided to live in?

There were Spanish lawyers in the area
It had nice beaches
It was close to shops and amenities

7. Why would Linda like to visit the Medieval period of history

to see old buldings
to see how castles used to function
to see how life was in Spain at that time

8. What did Richard do when he was 16?

Bought his brother's sports car
Got arrested on a beach in Spain
Drove through France and Spain with his brother

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