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In this episode: Urban living

Listener Feedback: Surferlobo on iTunes Chile (24th June)
Este podcast es lo mejor que he escuchado. Los profesores hablan muy bien,
se entiende perfecto lo que dicen y además son muy simpáticos y eso hace que sus clases sean muy entretenidas.
Me reí por montones cuando un profesor habló en inglés pero con acento español. (5 stars)

Vocabulary: Urban living

Where people live:

flat (UK) / Apartment (US) - a block of flats / an apartment block
terraced / semi-detached (a semi) / detached
a penthouse
a condo = condominium (US) - bloque de apartamentos
a bungalow
a farmhouse
a cottage - casita de campo, cabaña
a mansion
a villa - Mediterranean
a tent
a caravan
a mobile home
a council house / a council estate


a residential area
an industrial estate
a shopping/pedestrian precinct, a shopping centre (UK) / a shopping mall (US)
a building site (UK) / a construction site (US)
green belt
shanty town
local amenities/facilities
red light district


on the outskirts
in the suburbs/suburban area
in the city centre (UK) / downtown (US)
to sleep rough, homeless
to crash (on someone’s floor)
to put someone up
to rent a house/flat/apartment X to rent OUT a house/flat/apartment
The tenant rents the flat - The landlord/landlady rents OUT the flat


run-down / shabby
to renovate/restore, to do up (an area or a house, flat etc)

Have you ever been to a dull, depressing place?
City life or country life? Which would you prefer?
What was the area you grew up in like?

to demolish, to knock down

Is it better to demolish and rebuild or renovate and restore?

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