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In this episode: Telephone English

Listener Feedback: Cristina from Barcelona: I need (to) speak on the phone in my work and I always am nervous (I’m always nervous). Can you explain some expression for speaking on the telephone? I love your podcasts and I learn lots of things every week. Thank you.

Telephone English

Reza and Craig agree that speaking on the phone in a foreign language is one of most difficult things to do. You can't see the other person, so you have no body language, hand gestures or facial communication.



To dial = marcar

To put (s.o.) through = pasar/poner a alguien 

“Don't put any calls through for the next hour” - No pases ninguna llamada en la próxima hora

“I'm putting you through now.” - Ahora le paso (or pongo)

To hold (the line) = esperar (¡no cuelgue!)

To hang up = colgar

To give (s.o.) a ring/call = llamar a alguien

To phone/call (s.o.) back = volver a llamar (a alguien)

The line’s busy/engaged = está comunicando

Leave/take a message = dejar/tomar un recado

ring tone - tono de llamada




Identifying yourself

Hi, it’s Reza speaking.

Hello, this is Craig = Soy Craig NOT I am Craig 

Good morning, my name’s Craig.

Reason for phoning

I’m ringing/calling/phoning to let you know .....

I'm ringing/I'm calling/I'm phoning to ask if .....

I'm ringing/I'm calling/I'm phoning to find out if…..

I'm ringing/I'm calling/I'm phoning because I was wondering if .....


Asking for people

Could I/May I speak to Craig, please?

I’d like to speak to Craig

Is Craig there, please?

Could you put Craig on, please?

I'm afraid... = me temo que... / lo siento per... I’m afraid Reza is not here/in the office


Asking for things

Could you…..(+infinitive without to) 

Could you ring me back later. 

Could you ask/get + PERSON to ring/call me back (later)?

Could you tell me what time the restaurant closes


Would you mind………(+ing) 

Would you mind sending me some information.

Would you mind asking + PERSON to get back to me, please?


To review polite indirect questions look at Episode 50.  http://www.inglespodcast.com/2015/05/11/indirect-questions-and-travel-in-morocco-with-special-guest-nicola-airc50/  


Would you mind asking Reza to get back to me, please?

I'll get back to you.

I was wondering = estaba pensando…

I was wondering if we could get together next week.


Giving your phone number

My number is ......

You can get me on .......

You can get in touch on/You can contact me on .....


Ending the conversation

To get back to someone = volver a llamar a alguien

I’ll get back to you tomorrow.


Thank you for calling. Goodbye.

Thanks a lot then. See you.

Thanks for phoning. All the best. Bye.


Do you like speaking on the phone? (in Spanish?)

Do you ever prepare for phone calls before you make them?

What’s your preferred method of communication with people?


Send us a comment or question craig@inglespodcast.com  or belfastreza@gmail.com.


Next episode:  Urban living

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