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Hello Mamen. This lesson's for you. 

In this episode: Adjectives of Character

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Vocabulary: Adjectives of Character

How would you describe Mamen? - cool, laid-back, generous and kind and friendly.

Use 'a bit...' to moderate a negative adjective. "She's a bit unfriendly."

'Quite' before an adjective can mean 'very' or 'a little', depending on the stress adn intonation.

"Reza's QUITE friendly." - He's very friendly.

"Reza's QUITE friendly." (rising intonation) - He's a bit friendly, but not very.


despistado - forgetful, absent-minded 

ambicioso - ambitious

pesado - annoying, irritating, boring, tiresome(a pain in the neck!)

discutidor - argumentative

malhumorado- bad-tempered

creído - big-headed

de mala leche, venenoso - bitchy

valiente - brave

descuidado, poco cuidadoso - careless

prudente - cautious

presumido - conceited, full of oneself

cobarde - cowardly

encantador - charming

alegre, jovial - cheerful

soso, aburrido - dull, boring

coqueta - flirtatious

amigable, simpático, agradable - friendly, amiable (formal)

amable - kind

tranquilo, relajado - laid-back

perezoso, vago - lazy

fiel - loyal

tacaño - mean, tight, stingy

de humor cambiante - moody

ingenuo, inocentón - naive

malo, travieso (niños) - naughty (children)

de actitud abierta, sin prejuicios - open-minded, broad-minded

de mentalidad cerrada, intolerante - narrow-minded

cortés, educado - polite

orgulloso - proud

fiable, confiable - reliable, trustworthy

seguro de sí mismo - self-confident

egoísta - selfish

sensato - sensible

sensible - sensitive

tímido, vergonzoso - shy

estricto, severo, riguroso - strict

terco, testarudo, tozudo - stubborn, obstinate ("as stuborn as a donkey")

comprensivo - sympathetic (understanding)

conversador, hablador - talkative, chatty

digno de confianza - trustworthy

raro, extraño - weird, strange, odd



ambitious - un - unambitious

Careless - careful

cheerful - cheerless

friendly - unfriendly

kind - unkind

polite - impolite

loyal - disloyal

reliable - unreliable

sensitive - insensitive

selfish - unselfish, selfless

sympathetic - unsympathetic

talkative - shy, untalkative

trustworthy - untrustworthy


Choose 3 positive and 3 negative that describe Reza and Craig. 

Reza thinks that Craig is friendly, kind and trustworthy. Craig thinks that he's laid-back, polite and kind.

Reza thinks that Craig is also overgenerous and fanatical about Mickey Mouse.

Reza thinks that he is also trustworthy, talkative and sensitive. Craig thinks that Reza is trustworthy, kind and cheerful.

Reza thinks that he is annoying, selfish and unambitious. Craig doesn't think that Reza is lazy and stubborn, but he thinks that of himself. He thinks Reza can sometimes be naive, but in a good way.

What's Craig's least favourite trait/characteristic in:

a) a friend - untrustworthiness, dishonesty

b) a lover - untrustworthiness, dishonesty

c) a work colleague - selfishness, dishonesty


What's Reza's least favourite trait/characteristic in:

a) a friend - untrustworthiness

b) a lover - unfaithfulness

c) a work colleague - reliablity

What charateristics does Craig lack: consistency

Reza would like to be irresistible to women

What are the main characteristics of Martin Luther King - perserverance

James Bond - irresistible, cool. cold-blooded

Mickey Mouse - big-eared, humourous, funny, entertaining, magnetic, charming, friendly, laid-back

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In next week's episode we'll be talking about Cinema vocabulary

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