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This lesson: professions

We spoke about work vocabulary in Episodes 9, 32 and 43

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Abogado/a - Lawyer (pronunciation)

Granjero/Agricultor - Farmer

Arqueólogo - Archaeologist

Arquitecto/a - Architect

Basurero/a - Dustman (U.K.) / Garbage collector (U.S.A.)., Also 'refuse collector' and 'binman'.

Biólogo - Biologist

Cajera/0 - Cashier

Camionero/a - Lorry driver (U.K.) / Truck driver (U.S.A.)

Carnicero/a - Butcher

Cirujano/a - Surgeon

Electricista - Electrician

Enfermero/a - Nurse

Farmacéutico - Pharmacist / chemist

Físico - Physicist

Fontanero/a - Plumber

Ingeniero - Engineer

monje - monk

monja - nun

Niñera - Nanny / Nursemaid

Panadero/a - Baker

Peluquero/a - Hairdresser

Periodista - Journalist

Psicólogo/a - Psychologist

Psiquiatra / Siquiatra - Psychiatrist

Sacerdote - priest

Veterinario - Veterinary surgeon; vet (U.K.) ; Veterinarian (USA)

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traductor/a - translator

mensajero/a - courier

albañil - bricklayer, builder

banquero/a - banker

político/a - politician

cocinero/a - cook, chef

masajista - masseur (male), masseuse (female), massage therapist

esteticista - beautician, beauty specialist

torero, matador - bullfighter

musico/a - musician

peón - labourer

obrero/a - worker

obrero/a de fábrica - factory worker

peón agrícola, trabajador/a del campo -  farm worker, farmhand

taxista - taxi driver


Think of 2 jobs that........

...can be done from home: podcasting, writer, administrative work, translators

...do not exist anymore: typist, street gas-lighter, town crier

...young children typically want to do: police officer, firefighter, model, footballer

...are overpaid: footballers, models, bankers

...can be done by robots: production line (car manufacture), some farm work

...require absolutely no intelligence: model, fruitpicker

...will be most needed in the future: IT specialists, psychologists

...you would really hate to do: binman/dustman, prison warden, bathroom attendent

Do you think that having ‘a job for life’ is a thing of the past?

Is the most important thing about a job the salary?

If you won the lottery, would you stop working?

Is it possible to have a good family life and a successful career, or do you have to choose?

What's your opinion? Are you looking for a job at the moment? What's your dream job? Practise your speaking and send us a comment, or a question, at inglespodcast.com. We'd love to hear from you.

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