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In this episode we give Eugeni more feedback on his pronunciation and answer more of your comments and questions. This is Aprender Inglés on Reza y Craig

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Comment on the blog from Mar
Hi guys and congratulations for your great podcast.
The correct word to translate "milestone" is "hito". This is a word we usually use for business purposes: e.g. Hemos cumplido los principales hitos del proyecto.
We don't use "escalón" for that meaning.
Hope this helps.
Kind regards, Mar

“Moving to Spain was a milestone in my life.” What were some of the milestones in your life?

Voice message from Edgar Ubaldo from Mexico about the wall that Trump wants to build between the US and Mexico. Edgar says that he’s from "the place in the middle of the moon" (that's the meaning of Mexico according to some)
This is my opinion about immigration and the wall. I forgot to tell that never shall we pay that chingado muro! (we shall never pay - word order)
He also apologises for eating popcorn during his recording!

Excellent English and wonderful pronunciation!
I didn’t know that there were ex-pat communities of North Americans and Europeans in Mexico.
How dangerous is Mexico?
‘Prevent this from happening’
Please send us more messages - with popcorn!

An email from Javier from Tolosa who sent us a wonderful system for recording, learning and revising vocabulary.
“Hi Craig and Reza, how are you? This is Javier González from Tolosa,
I would like to share with you and with all your community one good practice that I use to improve my vocabulary.
Since I am very absent-minded, I have created this database in access to put the words I want to learn.
I explain all the rules of this application in the attached pdf.
I will send you too the database (empty) and a sample of the recorder.”

I couldn’t open the Microsoft Access file, but there were some nice examples in a pdf. In Javier’s system, you write the word or words you want to learn, the translation, the word family (noun, adverb, adjective etc), the sound (audio file) and example sentences.

Example: settle down - phrasal verb - establecerse, sentar cabeza - “I nearly got married, but I wasn’t ready to settle down.”

There is an option to review by double clicking in the “translation” field and then you can write the sentences. You can print out lists from the database.

Javier agreed to let us share his email address if you want to contact Javier: jabiergonzalez@yahoo.es

For learning vocabulary on your phone, I recommend the memrise app: https://www.memrise.com/

Which apps and methods are you using to learn, revise and remember vocabulary?

Audio message from Eugeni from Barcelona
“Let’s get down to business.” - to begin to get serious; to begin to negotiate or conduct business. “All right, everyone. Let's get down to business. There has been enough chitchat.”
to begin seriously doing what you need to do
Is Eugeni pronouncing the diphthong correctly in chair, bare, pair, there, parents, where, I don’t care?
Bird, flirt, shirt, skirt, nurse, first - this sound is a long schwa. Yes, you pronounce it well.

Voiced /z/, and unvoiced /s/ see and /z/ zoo

/s/ students, sit, sat, nice, decide, necessary, kiss
/z/ does, has, cruise, his, please, is, zebra, was

Advice and advise
Price and prize
Loose and lose
Niece and knees
Close and close
Peace and peas
Race and raise
Rice and rise

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On next week's episode: English Expressions from The Sea

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Las notas del episodio y más podcasts para mejorar tu ingles están en: http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 

Shownotes and more podcasts to improve your English at: http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 







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