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More podcasts to improve your English at: http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 

In this episode: Congratulations on 100 episodes of AIRC and open champagne! Also, how to pass the FCE speaking exam, the word LAST and the difference the prepositions between OF and FOR

Listener feedback from Mamen who passed her speaking test

Listener Feedback: Sergio
My name is Sergio. It is not my first time writing to you.
I listen to your podcast everyday and I have listened some podcasts about the FCE Exam, and I would like to know which is the 'required' (or minimum) level to pass the exam.

I mean, I have studied English for many years, and I use it very often at my work. Perhaps, I should try to improve my vocabulary in general, but I think I can follow a normal conversation with a native speaker.

I have listened to some podcasts, as I said before, about some of your students doing a FCE speaking exam, and I would like to know if they could pass the exam.
Could you tell me a podcast number/episode in which I could listen to a person who 'pass' (has passed) the exam, please?

Bea and Tatania speaking test: PAssFCE episode 14 ( http://www.inglespodcast.com/2015/06/18/full-fce-speaking-test-with-bea-and-tatiana-passfce14-2/ )

Audio feedback from Nadia from Morocco who has improved her English and can now communicate much better with her clients.

Audio feedback from Elisa from Finland

Feedback from Marga Arroyas

Hola Reza and Craig,

This is my first mail to any of you and....

I could tell you how wonderful you are... I could tell you how nice it is listening to you and how much I learn when doing it... I could tell you I´ve downloaded all your podcasts...
I could tell you I listen to them as much as possible (when cooking, driving or even sleeping)... I could tell you you are the best English teachers I´ve ever had...
I could tell you how English has helped me in my life... I could, I could, but I won´t...

I´ll just say THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!
Not kisses, not hugs... just a DULCE DE LECHE RECIPE.

If you can´t convince Reza to make "dulde de leche turrón" I would be more than happy to make turrón for both of you.
Something I´ve always loved is cooking!!! and... living in Valencia, just like you, it won´t be any problem to make the turrón and take it to any place you like. Seriously! please think about it!

By the way... there is a place called "Dulce de leche" in Valencia where EVERYTHING they sell is made of DULCE DE LECHE. In fact, there are two places, one in calle Jesús and the other in calle Cuba....
isn´t is where Reza lives? doesn´t he know about it?. ( http://pasteleriadulcedeleche.com ).

Have a nice they and think about my "offer" of making turrón for you!


What do you think, shall we take Marga up on her offer? Yes, we'd like to take Marga up on her offer (to take someone up on an offer - to accet the offer)


Javier G (basque country) - Sent a voice message - listening from 2010!
Hi my friends Craig and Reza, I am Javier G from the Basque Country but I am right now in Phoenix (Arizona), I have come for three months like a turist (as a tourist) to improve my English and I have to go back in the middle of May.

I am improving my English a lot because I am trying to engage with native speakers. Right now I have 10 people to teach Spanish and to learn english, face to face,

2 hours (one in spanish and the other one in English), this is the deal...

But I am writing to you to tell you that last week we were in LA (California), my friend had a meeting there, and his partner from Argentina gave him this box with "Alfajores rellenos con dulce de leche",

and this remained me you (reminded me OF you). I send you a picture of the box. I am sorry, we ate all of them. They were really good.

The American accent is too dificult to undestand especially on TV o when the native speakers are talking among themselves.

If a native speaker is talking to you, it is easier because you konw about the topic you are talking (about).

I continue here in my dead time (spare time) with your podcasts...

Thank you very much. Javier G.


Charley Pride - Is Anybody going to San Antone Lyrics ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMR6Qt_Rubw )


Audio feedback: Javier from Colombia: LAST

last - último/a
What was the last book you read? - ¿Cuál es el último libro que has leído?
Do you want the last biscuit?

last - durar
The speech lasted thirty minutes. - El discurso duró treinta minutos.
How long will this podcast last today?

last - survive, sobrevivir
Do you think this podcast will last?
How long would you last in a zombie apocalypse?

Italki ad read:

Effective, Quality (fastest way to become fluent, great teachers, 1­on­1)

Native, International (native speakers)

Convenient (learning at home, technology)

Affordable (cut out the middlemen, great pricing)

Personal, Customized (personalized learning) Human Connection (not apps / software)

When you go to the italki website, you contact teachers and speak to teachers, I want you to hear from the italki company. The people behind the website. So I asked Ivan from italki to say something to you in Spanish.

Italki gives 100 italki credits (ITC) to each paying student that registers. To find out more, go to
We want to say thank you to italki for sponsoring Aprender Inglés con Reza y Craig



Audio feedback: Mamen: 'of' and 'for' "I listened on my commute" (you are a commuter)


Used for belonging to, relating to, or connected to:

The secret OF success is never give up. What's the secret OF happiness? (related to, belonging to or connected to happiness)
The first section of this podcast is celebrating our listeners' successes. The successes OF our listeners. (Often we use the possessive instead of 'OF' (Reza's tea, Craig's biscuit)
Have you ever dreamed OF being rich and famous? (be careful of the pronunciation of 'of' in connected speech)

When you're refering to things:

We started this podcast in October OF 2000.
There's a picture OF you and Berta in episode 97.
I got a discount of 40% on my new jacket. (Easier to say 'I got a 40% discount')

The centre of the city - the city centre

Used for possession - She's a friend of my neighbour (She's my neighbour's friend)

Used to indicate an amount or number:

I've had 3 cups of coffee already.
There's a large number of people listening to this podcast.
I only got 5 hours OF sleep last night. I only slept FOR (para) 5 hours.

formed from: material - hecho de)
Translate: Está hecha de plástico. - This is made of plastic.

The connection between nouns
Translate: La economía es la causa de la crisis. - The economy is the cause OF the crisis (or the reason FOR the crisis)



FOR can be used to speak about time or duration:

We've been podcasting FOR nearly 3 years.
How long did you go to Cornwall FOR? (Reza was in Cornwal for four days - NOT Xduring four daysX)
This is all we have FOR this podcast. That's it FOR now.

The interview with Becky from Cornwall: Episode 25 ( http://www.inglespodcast.com/2014/06/19/cream-teas-and-hotdogs-airc25/ )

Use FOR to show the use of something:

This device is FOR recording audio.
Reza and I wear headphones FOR monitoring the audio.

You can also use FOR to mean 'because of':

I am so happy for you.
We feel deeply sorry for your loss.
Reza and I don't really like the noise and the crowds during the Fallas festival in Valencia in March. FOR this reason, we often travel during this time.

Compared to a standard
It's warm for this time of year. - Hace mucho calor para esta época del año.

In somebody's place, instead of somebody
Translate: No quiero hacer el trabajo por él. - I don't want to do his work for him.

In order to get something/someone
Fue a por leche. Volverá enseguida. - He went out for some milk. He'll be back soon.

In favour of something:
Reza was for the plan, but Craig was against it. - Reza estaba por hacerlo, pero Craig estaba en contra.


If you have any ideas for future podcasts, if you have a question or a comment about English, send us a voice message and tell us what you think. speakpipe.com/inglespodcast

Send us an email with a comment or question to craig@inglespodcast.com or belfastreza@gmail.com.


Audio feedback from Angeles, Valencia


Más podcasts para mejorar tu ingles en: http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 

More podcasts to improve your English at: http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 

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