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Hello and welcome to Mansion Interviews, a podcast that gives me an excuse to talk to interesting people and gives you an opportunity to improve your English and listening skills.

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1. Whose idea was it to move to Spain?

Both of them

2. In the UK, Sheila worked

as a teacher
in finance 
as a travel agent


3. Which of the following does Pete NOT give as a reason for liking Spanish life

the friendliness of Spanish people
the way of life
the food 
the weather
the relaxed atmosphere

4. What was the problem with Sheila and Pete's inflatable bed?

It had a puncture
It was very uncomfortable
It was too expensive


5. If you've 'got a bee in your bonnet'

you have been stung by an insect
you are preoccupied or obsessed with an idea
you appreciate nature and beautiful scenery

6. Which of the following is NOT part of Sheila's day?

looking after her plants
studying finance
creating home-made greeting cards
eating correctly


7. One of Pete's hobbies is

stamp collecting

8. What annoys Sheila?

North Americans
people who don't use their common sense
drunk, loud British people

How did Sheila feel after writing her 'reverse bucket list'?

very fortunate
Very sad
very old
very organized

Levante Cricket Club

The Bucket List - Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman

to be 'up for it' = to want to do something
to set foot in = to visit or go to a place
blue chip company - compañías de primera línea, de primer orden
copious - copioso/a, abundante
infuriating - exasperante, irritante
season ticket holder - abonado
blessed - afortunado/a, bendecido
to be done and dusted = be completely finished or ready
to envisage - imaginar, concebir
laid back - despreocupado/a, tranquilo/a
itchy, twitchy - impaciente, ansioso/a
to give it a go - probarlo, intentarlo
to be down to - ser cuestión de, ser esencialmente, depender de
to be full of oneself - egotistical, believing oneself to be superior to others
to cringe - avergonzarse, encogerse de miedo
unscathed - ileso/a
gravestone - lápida
to overflow - rebosar, desbordarse

I really enjoy talking to Sheila and Pete, two lovely people who are really enjoying life in Spain and also really appreciate everything they have here.

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