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Mansion interviews Ryan Sink from businessenglishqanda.com


Hello and welcome to Mansion Interviews, a podcast which gives me an excuse to talk to interesting people while at the same time improving your English.

When I was in Manchester this year for the New Media Europe conference I was lucky enough to meet a great guy called Ryan Sink.

Ryan's so nice to be around. He's the kind of person who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as you meet him. It's just as shame that we didn't have a lot of time to talk more at the conference and also that we happen to live in different countries.

So I jumped on Skype with Ryan after the conference and that's what you're going to hear now. A Mansion Interview with Ryan Sink from businessenglishQ&A.com http://www.businessenglishqanda.com/

You can improve your listening with comprehension questions and find some help with difficult words from this interview at inglespodcast.com/ryan




to kick start - hacer arrancar

to figure out - llegar a entender

groceries - provisiones, comida

tap (UK) / faucet (US) - grifo

a dirty look - una mirada de odio

to get around - evitar

to end up - acabar en, terminar en

to set up - instalar, establecerse en un negocio

smart - inteligente

stubborn - terco/a,  tozudo

mussels - mejillones

shrimp - gambas

squid - calamares

dish - plato

roll - panecillo, bocadillo

bank holiday - festivo nacional

influx - influjo

to polish - pulir, perfeccionar

coaching - entrenamiento, preparación

the nitty-gritty (the practical details) - meollo del asunto

resourses - recursos

scholarship - beca


Ryan, thanks man for spending the time. You can check out Ryan's wonderful website and his podcast at: businessenglishQ&A.com.

All links, as usual, can be found in the shownotes at inglespodcast.com/ryan

For a free 15 minute consultation, email Ryan at ryanlsink@gmail.com

Thank you to you for listening to this Mansion Interview. You can find more podcasts to improve your English at inglespodcast.com and you can study English free at mansioningles.com

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