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Hello and welcome to Mansion Interviews, a podcast which gives me an excuse to talk to interesting people while at the same time improving your English.

Today we're speaking to Jason Keiles from busuu.com to find out how busuu can help you improve your English and take it to the next level.

You can improve your listening with comprehension questions and find some help with difficult words from this interview at inglespodcast.com/Jason 

1.What does Jason say makes busuu different from other language learning websites

2. What is the average number of subscribers to busuu on a daily basis?

3. When you first sign up with busuu to learn a language you

4. If you pay 5 euros per month for a one-year subscription, you get

5. The main difference between the mobile apps and the busuu desktop software is

a) the course content and exercises

b) the navigation

c) the price

6. What's the youngest age a child can study a language on the busuu iPad app?

7. What is the GSET test?

8. What does Jason say he misses about the US



to register = inscribir, registrar

subscribers = suscriptores

to set up (a profile) = montar

unlock = liberar, abrirse

to sign up = inscribir, registrar

feature = aplicación, característica

to log in = iniciar sesión, acceder al sistema

a game changer = punto de inflexión, algo revolucionario, algo que cambia las reglas del juego

growth = crecimiento 

uptake = aceptación, consumo

in the pipeline = en proyecto 

resources = recursos

to enhance = mejorar

engaging = atractivo, interesante, cautivador

to launch / roll out = lanzar, introducir

emerging markets = mercados emergentes

vast = grande, amplio, enorme

melting pot = crisol 

a pint of lager = una pinta de cerveza rubia


A huge 'Thank you' to Jason for spending time with us. You can check out busuu's website at: busuu.com

And thank you to you for listening to this Mansion Interview. You can find more podcasts to improve your English at inglespodcast.com and you can study English free at mansioningles.com

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