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Hello and welcome to Mansion Interviews, a podcast which gives me an excuse to talk to interesting people while at the same time improving your English.

When I saw Bea's website destinoreinounido.com I thought 'What a wonderful idea, a website in Spanish to help Spanish speakers who want to go to the Uk to work, study and live.'

I started to look aroud Bea's site and I found a wealth of information on everything from work and job interviews, tourism, accommodation in the UK and all that important and necessary stuff concerning bureauocracy and red tape, tax, National Insurance, Health, even what plug (enchufe) you need in the UK.

I was amazed at how useful and accessable the information is on Bea's site so I wanted to have a chat with her and introduce you to her and her website, because you too might be thinking of going to live and work in the uK. Or, you might be already there!

You can improve your listening with comprehension questions and find some help with difficult words from this interview at inglespodcast.com/bea


scouse - procedente de Liverpool, dialecto de Liverpool
twins - gemelos
national insurance - seguridad social
taps - grifos
to hang out - pasar el rato
grey - gris, nublado
(family) bond, tie - vínculo, lazo
to my mind - en mi opinión, a mi manera de pensar, a mi modo de ver
I'm not a big fan (of) - no soy un gran aficionado (de)
to charge - cobrar
recruiter - empresa de selección de personal
plug - enchufe


Bea is looking for new team members to help her with her project, so if you're interested in collaborating with Bea, you can reach her through her website at destinoreinounido.com.

Thank you Bea for sharing your story, and your website, with us.

Thank you to you for listening to this Mansion Interview. You can find more podcasts to improve your English at inglespodcast.com and you can study English free at mansioningles.com

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