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In this episode: Starting a conversation and making small talk

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Listener Feedback:

Congratulations for the award and for the good work that you do.
My name is Javier, I'm 50 and now I'm unemployed. I used to work as a sports reporter but overnight Canal 9 closed and now I'm looking for living (looking for a career change/looking for a way to earn a living).
All my life, I studied French but this year I started my English course (beginner level).
This summer I went to Belfast to improve my English. In my opinion, the experience was very memorable. The first day I didn't understand anything because in Valencia I learned "standard English".
The second day was completely different. My mind started to think in English. After that, I started to understand the main meaning of the sentences. I had a lot of foreign classmates and I understood all of them.
I think, nowadays, it's essential to have a total immersion in another country to improve. From my point of view, one month in Belfast was more productive than 9 months of classes in Valencia.
It's normally very expensive to go abroad, but thanks to podcasts and free videos on the Internet I can refresh my English everyday.
The only recipe that I know is To practise, to practise and to practise.
Thanks for your attention. Kind regards,

PS Last October 10th, I had my B1 exam in Valencia. Now I'm waiting for my marks.

Feedback from Alfredo from Italy

Starting a conversation and making small talk

Think of ways to start speaking to someone in English for the first time and keep the conversation going.


Hi / Hello, I'm......

Is this your first time here?

Have you been here before?

What do you think of the conference? / What do you think of the party / speakers / event / music etc?

The Weather:

It's a bit cold today, isn't it?

I'm sweating, it's boiling!

Oh, what a terrible wind!

Oh, I hope it doesn't rain.

It's freezing / boiling today!

Nice day, isn't it? 7 Lovely weather, isn't it? (with falling intonation)

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More Small talk questions:

Have you been here before?

Do I know you from somewhere? Haven't I seen you here before? You look familiar. (these questions could be interpreted as 'chat-up lines' - para ligar)

Can I help you? Do you need help?

What's the score? Who's winning?

Did you see the match last night?

Where are you from? Which part of the UK are you from?

How long have you been here?

Do you mind me asking why you're here?

Are you waiting for someone? Can I buy you a drink?

Have you got a light?

Ending a conversation:

Please excuse me, I need to go to the toilet / I've just seen somebody I know.

It's been lovely to meet you but I'm sorry I have to go.

It's really nice talking to you. I hope to see you again.

I'm afraid I've arranged to meet someone, so I must go now.

I really enjoyed speaking with you.

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Find more podcast to improve you English at http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 

On next week's episode: Greeting cards. What is it with British people and greeting cards?

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