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Holidays and Travel - AIRC156

Summer’s here! Today you’ll learn how to talk about holidays and travel. There’s lots of holiday vocabulary and useful expressions in this episode of…...Aprender Inglés con Reza y Craig

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Voice Message from Christian Avila from Mexico City
XI like too muchX - I like it very much
Xwonderful work that you have been doneX - have been doing all this time

Winner of our history quiz from episode 153 is francisco espínola from Ubeda (who suggested the podcast topic - obviously a history buff!)

Hi guys! thank you very much for having my suggestion taken into account, I´m delighted!.
Answering the quiz:
1. Name the UK’s first ever female Prime Minister. – Margaret Thatcher
2. Which British monarch ruled the longest period of time? – Elizabeth II (current Queen)
3. Which British king was given the nickname of “the mad king”? King George III of Great-Britain (1738-1820)
4. Who were the “Roundheads” and “Cavaliers”? -During the civil war:Roundheads=parliamentarians ; Cavaliers=Royalists
5. When was the Battle of Hastings?- 14 October 1066
6. Which famous British sailor defeated the Spanish Armada? – Francis Drake

Well, I could answer 1, 2, 5 and 6 by heart….3 and 4 by wikipedia ;)
If there are more AIRCoholics interested in History, I recommend the Terry Deary´s collection “Horrible Histories” (box of books): Twenty books of British history from the stone age to the second world war, written in a funny and amusing way.
( https://www.amazon.es/Terry-Deary/e/B001ITTQZW/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_3?qid=1494924246&sr=8-3  )

By the way, Reza: the word you were struggling to say was: MUJERIEGO (womanizer)
Thank you again, a big hug!

Hi to Raquel Gonzalez Herrero from Valencia who also got the questions right, except question 2. She said Queen Victoria, but the current monarch surpassed Queen Victoria in 2015.

We recommend Hardcore History - Dan Carlin: http://www.dancarlin.com/hardcore-history-series/ 

Voice message from Elsie from Bolivia - Hello!

iTunes reviews and 5 stars: Extremadamente didáctico, temáticamente variado y muy, muy entretenido. El mejor en su especie (the best of the bunch!).
by ArnauGrillo from Spain

Thank you! This is the best podcast I ever found. Good work! It's very helpful. I found you three weeks ago and now I'm addicted.
by Aldroper from Spain

Voice Message from Paco from Badajoz with an idea for a topic - Holidays and travel

Holidays and Travel

Air Travel Vocabulary episode 108 - (http://www.inglespodcast.com/2016/06/19/air-travel-vocabulary-airc108/ )

To go on a trip, to go/get away, to take a break for a few days
Airfare (bus fare, train fare, taxi fare etc)
To check in (aisle seat/window seat) – Fly – flight (domestic/international – short/long haul)
fly–flew–flown (to fly – verb / fly–noun = mosca/bragueta) “I have an open flight” – vuelo abierto)
Red-eye flight – early morning/night flight
Boarding pass - On board - a bordo, embarcar
Economy/Business/First class
Upgrade (subir de categoría)
Gate - puerta de embarque (actually means verja, reja, barrera - something you might find in a field or a garden)
Luggage/baggage allowance
Excess baggage
Hand luggage (carry-on)
To take off – to land / a take-off – a landing
Cabin crew – steward(ess) / air hostess / flight attendant
Runway - pista (de aterrizaje)
To taxi “The plane is taxiing before take-off”
To cruise “We are now cruising at 20,000 feet”
Jet lag - fatigue caused by plane travel
Baggage reclaim
Baggage carousel
Lost luggage

More vocabulary
Vacation (US) = holiday (UK) (on vacation/holiday)
peak/off peak - crowded
Sightseeing - to see the sights
Tour - package tour, tour guide
excursion - to go on an excursion

Places to stay
Hotel - to make a reservation/booking - full board/half board
Boutique hotel/Luxury hotel/ 5-star hotel/ 3-star hotel/budget hotel = low-cost hotel
B&B = Bed & Breakfast


Couchsurfing - https://www.couchsurfing.com/ 

Self-catering = you cook your own food
Youth hostel
Caravan - motorhome - RV in American English (recreational vehicle)
to go caravaning
to tow a caravan
Tent - campsite - camping
Camping - to go camping in a campsite

Types of holiday
Trekking - adventure holidays
City break
Long weekends
A “dirty weekend”
Backpacking (backpack/rucksack)
Hitchhiking - to hitchhike = to thumb a lift

...and now it's your turn to practise your English. Are you going on holiday this year? We'd love to hear about your plans.
What was your best (or worst) holiday?

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On next week's episode: Marcelo’s True English Story and Adjective Prefixes

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