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Getting Married and Wedding vocabulary - AIRC84

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In this episode: Weddings, getting married and what to say on the Big Day!

Listener Feedback: Rafel
A very interesting episode, but here in Spain we have lost the custom of sending letters or cards. I dont remenber if I've ever sent or received one.
I only find letters from the bank in the letter box with a receipt (bank statement) inside.
But nowadays with the internet people congratulate one another much more with applications such as WHAT'S APP.

(Episode 79 - What to write in greeting cards ( http://www.inglespodcast.com/2015/11/29/what-to-write-in-greeting-cards-airc79/ )
Rafel, there were some mistakes in your email which I have corrected and you can see the correct version in the shownotes at inglespodcast.com/84

Weddings - The Big Day!

to get married TO someone / to marry someone / to get divorced FROM someone
a priest marries you
to be engaged, an engagement party/ring (fiancée - the woman / financé - the man), to pop the question, to get down on one knee (to propose), to make wedding vows (vow = strong promise - juramento)
church / registry offoce (Registro Civil)


priest/minister/justice of the peace: person who legally marries the couple
bride: woman getting married (novia)
groom: man getting married (novio)
best man: groom’s best friend or closest family member (witness to the marriage and person responsible for the ring and stag night (UK) bachelor party (US) (despedida de soltero) - despedida de soltera = hen night
maid of honour: bride’s best friend or closest family member (witness to the marriage)
bridesmaids: other female friends or family members who accompaby the bride
guests /gests)
caterers / barstaff
Newlywed(s) - People who have just married are referred to as "newlyweds."

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Other vocabulary:

to make a speech (not very common at Spanish weddings)
tuxedo - esmoquin
a wedding dress with a veil
carry/throw a bouquet (of flowers)
to walk down the aisle
to get cold feet

How to make small talk at a wedding:

Where should I sit?
How do you know the bride and groom?
Have you tried the caviar? It's delicious!
Which one is the best man?
Would you like some more wine?
Can I get you another glass of champagne?
Pay a compliment: I like your dress, shirt, jacket, necklace. Where did you get it?
Would you mind taking a photo?
What do you think of the music?
I thought the soup was very interesting/different/unusual.
Do you like DANCING? / Would you like TO DANCE?

What to say to the bride and/or groom after the wedding:

You look stunning. (very beautiful)
You look handsome. (very good looking; say to males)
Your dress is gorgeous/amazing/brathtaking (it takes my breath away).
The food was delicious.
Thank you for inviting us.
We really enjoyed ourselves. / We had a wonderful time.
The wedding was beautiful.
When’s the honeymoon? / Where are you going? (Not XWhere will you goX)

...and now it's your turn to practise your English. We want you to tell us about the last wedding you went to. Who got married? What was it like? Did you enjoy it?
If you are already married, what was your wedding like? What do you remember? If you're planning a wedding, what would be your dream wedding? What's your opinion of wedding? Are they
a waste of money, or the best day of your life?

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Más podcasts para mejorar tu ingles en: http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 

More podcasts to improve your English at: http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 

On next week's episode: Listening to The News - News and currect affairs vocabulary

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