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Getting Dressed and Undressed - AIRC119

In this episode we're going to help you get undressed (and dressed)! They’ll be a live unzipping by Reza and a live unbuttoning by Craig. If you don’t know what that means, you need to listen to this podcast?

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More podcasts to improve your English at: http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 

Feedback: Elisa from Finland
After the last episode I had my palm read ;) And guess what, my future seems to be brilliant. The lady told me that she can see two men and probably one dog ...
Both men were bald but the dog was hairy... One of the men had a tattoo on the top of his head... something like Mickey Mouse..
But the main thing was that they had a big announcement in their hands: We are podcasting forever!

We spoke about clothes on Episode 7 http://www.inglespodcast.com/2014/01/31/aprender-ingles-con-reza-y-craig-7/ 

More vocabulary on mansioningles.com http://www.mansioningles.com/vocabulario10.htm  

To get up, get dressed, get undressed How long does it take you to get dressed? Do you get dressed as soon as you get up?
To put on your clothes/ to take off your clothes
To do up/undo... buttons, a zip, your coat, shirt etc.
To button/unbutton a coat, shirt, (or anything with buttons)
To zip up/unzip
To tie/untie (a knot)
To buckle/unbuckle (a belt, shoes with a buckle - hebilla)
To do up = to tie your shoelaces
Underwear: pants (shorts US - calzoncillos), knickers (panties US), tights (panty hose US), vest (camiseta sin mangas in the UK, chaleco in the US), socks, bra
Stockings (medias) and suspenders (garters US)
High heel(ed) shoes = high heels - tacones
To get dressed up - arreglado/a
To wear clothes -
What are you wearing? (now)
What did you wear yesterday? (past)
What do you wear for work (usually - as a habit)

Collar - cuello, cuff - puño, fly - bragueta ‘Your fly is down. Zip it up.’, ‘You’re flying low’, seam - costura, strap - correa, v-neck, inside pocket, sleeveless

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Which sock/shoe do you put on first, left or right?
What’s your favourite material? Wool, silk, cotton, linen, leather, synthetic (nylon, polyester)
What’s the last item of clothing you bought? Do you wait for the sales?
What’s your favourite item of clothing?
Do you judge people by their clothes?
Zips or buttons, which do you prefer?
Belts or braces (suspenders US) - tirantes?
How many pairs of shoes have you got?
Boxers or Y-fronts?
What’s the best length for a gentleman’s sock?
Do you think that the clothes we wear reflect what is inside us ?

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On next week's episode: Common Collocations with BREAK, CATCH and PAY

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Más podcasts para mejorar tu ingles en: http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 

More podcasts to improve your English at: http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 




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