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If you are a new listener to this podcast, welcome! I'm Craig. This is Reza. We are English teachers 

With over 40 years of teaching between us, and in this podcast we'll help you improve your English and take it to the next level.

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In this episode: False Friends (falso amigo/falso cognado - amigo fingido) - "A word that appears to be related to another, but it isn't."

Listener Feedback: Manuel (email)

Friends Craig and Reza

I am a lifelong student of the English language. In the future perhaps I'll go to an English-speaking country to finally learn it.

-I have been to many academies, met many professors, and different methods and none of them satisfied me.

-But now I'm happy because I found the duet "Craig and Reza", who represent the autentic way of teaching English,

 listening and grammar at the same time. CONGRATULATIONS. You are magnificent. I hope quickly a section for Pronunciation.(I hope you will have a section on pronunciation)

-I am a new follower through the monthly newsletter INGLESPODCAST, perhaps the most veteran student - eight two years old-but with great enthusiasm.

-In conclusion, I ask several questions.         

1. Where (day and Time) I may hear directly inglespodcast? - We do not broadcast the podcast live, but we publish a new episode every Sunday evening at about 8pm (Spanish time).

2. What is the actual translation of Podcast? - It is a combination of the words POD (from Apple's 'ipod' and CAST from the word 'broadcast' (emisión, transmisión)

3. What is the translation of the word PATREON? - Patreon is a company on the internet that helps people create art, music, film, dance ect (and, in our case, podcasts). It has a conection with the word 'patron' (patrocinador o rsponsor)

4. About Patreon I agree with the payment of 1 euro monthly - If you would like to sponsor us, you can go to https://www.patreon.com/inglespodcast and sign up for the Patreon program.

5. How is the payment made? - On the Patreon webpage, you write your name, email address and credit card details. You can also donate with the PayPal system.

6. After ALL the prepositions with OF, the verb in gerund going? (Does the gerund always follow the preposition 'of'?) The verb is always in the gerund form after EVERY PREPOSITION. This is one of the rules in English.

- Thank you very much for your attention.  Don't falter - Many people trust in you - DO A GOOD JOB"

Manuel, it's a pleasure for us to have you as a listener and Reza and I are very happy that we can help you improve your English a little (and maybe entertain you as well!).

Vocabulary: False Friends

What's a false friend?

Words in two languages that look or sound similar, but are different in meaning. An example is "embarrassed" (avergonzado) and "embarazada" (pregnant), 

sensible - sensitive

librería - bookshop

propaganda - advertising (propaganda in English is biased information to promote certain ideas)

beneficio - profit

blando - soft (soso - bland)

reclamar - to complain

recuperar - to reclaim

carrera - race, degree course (NOT a career)

actual - current, present, contemporary - The current (or present) economic situation is a disaster. - La situación económica actual es desastrosa.

 (actual in English means real - "This film is based on actual events")

actualmente - presently, currently, these day

de hecho - actually, in fact

discutir - argue (not discuss)

(estar constipado) - (to have) a cold - constipation in English is estreñimiento. If you're constipated you are blocked.

embarazada - pregnant (embarrassed - avergonzado , I'm embarrassed - Me da vergüenza)

éxito - success (not the way out - salida)

sucesos - incidents, events 

extranjero - foreign/foreigner - not strange or stranger (although a lot of foreigners are strange, especially the British who live on the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol!)

tiempo - time/weather 

pretender - intend (tener la intención de) I intend to go on a diet, starting tomorrow. - Tengo la intención de hacer regimen a partir de mañana.

pretend (to do something) - to act like - hacer parecer que, simular, fingir - "He pretended to eat her ice cream." - Hizo parecer que se comía el helado.

reunión - meeting (a reunion in English is a meeting of friends or family after a long time - ¿reencuentro?) - a school reunion, a family reunion

la moto - the motorbike, el motor - the motor, the engine

simpático - pleasant, likeable - Reza es un hombre muy simpático. - He's a very likeable man. (sympathetic in English means compasivo, empático)

- They were sympathetic but could not help." Estaban de nuestra parte pero no podían ayudarnos. / He wasn't in the least sympathetic." - No mostró compasión alguna.

cook - cocinero/a

cooker - estufa, fogón, cocina, horno

un militar - a soldier (the military - fuerzas armadas)

un uniforme militar - a military uniform

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On next week's episode: Vegetables


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