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Drugs and Addiction - AIRC118

In this episode we're going to help you increase your vocabulary around taking drugs and addiction.

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Last week economics and investment trends and this week drugs and addiction!

Listener Feedback: Segundo Davila de Peru

Soy un Peruano que viaja mucho soy Ingeniero, todo el tiempo estoy estudiando Inglés sin terminar, actualmente me encuentro de viaje de trabajo en Marruecos. He encontrado  sus podcasts y me interesan mucho, son muy prácticos, mi nivel es casi intermedio, favor sus recomendaciones para ver que me conviene adquirir de sus productos pero para descargar y pago con tarjeta de crédito.


Drugs and Addiction

to be addicted to

to have an addiction (to)

an addict

an addictive substance


What is addiction? Quote from Psychology Today website:

"Addiction is a condition that results when a person ingests a substance (e.g., alcohol, cocaine, nicotine) or engages in an activity (e.g., gambling, sex, shopping) that can be pleasurable but the continued use/act of which becomes compulsive and interferes with ordinary life responsibilities, such as work, relationships, or health.

Users may not be aware that their behavior is out of control and causing problems for themselves and others."


abstinence - A deliberate decision to avoid harmful behaviors, including sexual activity before marriage, tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. (verb - to abstain from doing something)


addictive drug - A substance that causes physiological or psychological dependence.


psychological dependence - A condition in which a person believes that a drug is needed in order to feel good or function normally.


physiological dependence - A condition in which the user has a chemical need for the drug.


stimulant - A drug that increases the action of the central nervous system, heart, and other organs.


nicotine withdrawal - The process that occurs in the body when nicotine is no longer used. (Cravings, discomfort.)


intoxication - The state in which the body is poisoned by alcohol or another substance and the person's physical and mental control is significantly reduced.

(tipsy-drunk-sloshed-pissed-stoned-high-plastered-hammered-wasted-three sheets to the wind-inebriated-out of it-completely gone-as pissed as a fart


Opposite: (stone-cold) sober  (sobriety - living without alcohol), straight, tea total


To be on/off the wagon (on the water wagon - to drink water instead of alcohol)


detoxification - A process in which the body adjusts to functioning without alcohol.


euphoria - A feeling of intense well-being or elation.


gateway drug - A drug whose use increases the likelihood that a person will use other harmful drugs. Cigarettes, Marijuana and Alcohol are the 3 of these.


Overdose - taking too much of a drug which cause death


Withdrawal - Unpleasant reactions that occur when a person who is physically dependent on a drug no longer takes it.


“Cold turkey” - A colloquial expression describing the extreme discomfort of withdrawal symptoms from drugs.


Hangover/to be hungover - the unpleasant feeling the day after drinking too much


“Hair of the dog” - A colloquial expression describing the (dubious) idea that the best way to cure a hangover is to drink a little bit more.

Common drugs -

heroin, cocaine, crack, speed = amphetamines, e’s/E= ecstasy, acid = LSD, magic mushrooms

a doobie - a joint - a spliff

marijuana - grass - weed - dope - cannabis


alcohol = “booze = sauce = grog = hooch = a tipple”


tobacco = baccy

Cigarettes = “cigs = ciggies = tabs = fags”

alcoholism - an alcoholic

substance abuse

(to be) in denial

a drug addict - junkie  

dealer - a pusher

to shoot up

to chase the dragon

to pop pills



Should some drugs be made legal? Which ones?

Should alcohol or tobacco be made illegal?

Do you know anyone who has had addiction problems?

What are some of the characteristics of drunk people?

Is sugar addictive? What about tea, coffee, and chocolate?

What other things can people get addicted to?

Do you know how much alcohol is in beer/wine?/Whisky? - % proof

If heroin were legal, would there be less crime? For example, burglary and robbery.

Are some people more easily addicted to drugs than others?

Do some people have addictive personalities?

Craig has identified and recognised his addiction. But can he ever truly stay off dark chocolate?

Are Aprender con Reza y Craig podcasts addictive? We hope so and are unashamed dealers!

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Más podcasts para mejorar tu ingles en: http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 

More podcasts to improve your English at: http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 


On next week's episode: Getting Dressed and Undressed

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