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In this episode we're going to help you with some common collocations with the verbs BREAK, CATCH & PAY

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Listener Feedback: Hi excelente podcast, this is my first time writing, I know this podcast will help me to improve my English. Could you please help me with collocations.
Adriana Salazar

BREAK - smash, fracture a bone, shatter, stop functioning, descansar, hacer pausa
To physically break something: break a glass / break a limb (arm or leg)
break someone's heart
break a habit - to break a bad habit, replace it with a good one
break a promise (make, keep a promise)
break a record - Have we broken the record for the most podcasts recorded in 3 days?
break the ice - What are your favourite ‘ice-breakers’?
break the law - Have you ever broken the law?
break the news to someone
break the rules ‘Rules are made to be broken’
break wind = to expel air via the anus (to fart)

coger, pillar (por sorpresa-he was caught stealing a car), atrapar, agarrar, pescar (to catch a fish),
catch a ball - coger
catch a bus/train - coger/tomar (in Argentina)
catch a/the cold/flu/your death
catch a thief
catch fire
catch sight of
catch your breath - recuperar el aliento
catch someone's eye/attention - a waiter in a restaurant
catch someone red-handed/at it
Where's the catch? - ¿Cuál es la trampa?
There must be a catch here somewhere - Aquí debe de haber trampa
(I'll) catch you later! (informal) ¡nos vemos!
You can catch me at my office.

Pay with money: pay a fine / pay the bill / pay cash/by credit card
You can also pay a/the price (as a consequence of something)
pay attention - presta atención
pay someone a compliment - hacer cumplidos a algn (to return the compliment)
pay someone a visit
pay your respects (when someone dies / passes away)
pay for your mistakes

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On next week's episode: Common Collocations with KEEP, SAVE and GO

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