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In this episode: Cinema vocabulary 

Listener Feedback:  (email from Javier from Scotland) Hello Craig and Reza,

This is Javi I don't know if you remember me, I emailed you about 1 month ago. I listen to your postcast every morning while I'm working as housekeeper in a hostel in Scotland. 

Personally, I don't find them so difficult to understand but I still find (it) quite difficult to understand native English speakers when they have a normal conversation. Most of the time I get lost. 

It's true that my English's gotten much better since I came here, but I know is not enough. 

I know that you've been teaching for years so if you didn't mind, I would be greatful if you could give some advice, which could help me to improve my English faster. 

I hope you're enjoying the weather in valencia, 


Best regards from Fort William.

Thank you so much, Javier Trimiño 


I'm not enjoying the weather in Valencia, Javi, and I wish I was in Scotland! I hate the heat and humidity.


Time and practice! - go to pubs, start conversations, smile and be friendly. Speak to anyone who will listen.

You're listening to podcasts in English, which is great! - Make friends, socialise as much as possible. Go out with people.

Speak to people in the hostel. Ask lots of questions - Ask where the baked beans are.


Elemental English: 


Vocabulary: Cinema vocabulary

The music of a film - soundtrack

The people who watch a film - audience (sport - spectators)

When actors and actresses practise for a film or a play - rehearsal / to rehearse

The person who makes the film and tells the actors what to do - director (pronunciation)

The person who pays the money to make the film - producer

The dialogue of a film - script

Someone who does the dangerous things in a film - stuntperson

All of the actors and actresses in a film - the cast

The building where films are made - studio

The places where the film is shot outside the studio - on location  

The continuation of a story in a book or a film - sequel

The part that an actor or actress plays in a film or a play - role

Images which are made by computer - special effects

When somebody writes an opinion of a film, play or book - review (the person is a critic)

The way an actor or an actress acts - performance  

A successful film which earns a lot of money - a box office success, blockbuster (Jurassic World - grossed $500 million worldwide in its opening weekend - estreno = premiere, opening release, first release) 


More vocabulary:


dubbed = doblado

subtitles = subtítulos

plot = argumento

the leading man/lady = the stars

the supporting actors/cast - "WHo's in it? / Who's in the film?

good guys and bad guys = the goodies and the badies

a cameo role = aparición breve 

femme fatale

to take place - The action takes place....

to be set (in)...

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On next week's episode: Uses of GET

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