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Gramática: Present Perfect

What have you done today so far?

I've had breakfast

How long have you been working on this video? 

You haven't finished yet. He has been working on his video for two weeks.


Have you ever been to Disneyland? - No, I haven't.

Have you been to America? - I have. I've been to Maine.

Where have you been to in Spain? - I've been to Sevilla. I've been to Bilbao.



Have you ever been to China? No, I haven't.

Have you ever tried my mum's scones? Yes, I have.

to go over = repasar

Estudiar más sobre el 'present perfect' here: http://www.mansioningles.com/cursointer/cursointer06_9.htm


Pronunciación: /s/ in words like slippers, Spain, Spanish, special, stop, spelling, stomach, (stomache ache = dolor de estómago)

/je/ sound in words like pleasure, television, leisure, measure (medir) Like the French / treasure (tesoro)


Phrasal verb: GET OFF (bajar) - to get off the bus. I got off the bus. Get on or off a motorbike, train, camel, horse, bicycle etc.

To GET OFF WITH something - (escaparse sin castigo) The corrupt politicians get off without punishment.

TO GET WITH someone (ligar) - Reza did not get off with the girl in the cafe. She told him to get lost :-(


Facebook page question: Thank you to Calixto Joao Vivas Prado from Monóvar - (to be off = I'm off/I must be off = tengo que marcharme / to be off=caducado "This milk's off"/to go off = "That fish'll go off if you 

don't put it in the fridge." (estropearse) Mandar sus preguntas a: mansionteachers@yahoo.es


Reza's Top tips: Think of question words before conversation. Where...? Why...?  When...? How...? Who...? etc

Where do you work? Where is your office? What do you do in a typical day? Who do you work with? How many people work in your office?


The music in this podcast is by Pitx. The track is called See You Later - licensed by creative commons under a by-nc license at ccmixter.org.

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