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Episodio 003 - La notas del episodio


Gramática: past simple - Use 'did' for questions in the past simple.

Past simple questions:

Did you have a good week?

When did they arrive?

Where did you take them?

Did they spend some time on the beach?

Did they get the chance to practice some Spanish?

DID + the infinitive of the verb (sin "to")

Why DID your parents DECIDE to come to Spain?

to make a fool of yourself = hacer el tonto

You LIVED in London.

¡OJO! - No se pone el DID con el verbo "to be".

Where were you born? - I was born in London.

Were you a happy child? - I was a bad child.

El pasado del verbo modal CAN (poder) es COULD:

When you were young could you run fast?

When you lived in Belfast could you speak Spanish?


Pronunciación: la /h/ Hello - how are you - Harry Potter - Have a cup of tea! - have a beer! - have a beer! Hello - 

Hello, I'm Henry - Hello, I'm Henry and I'm happy!  I'm a hairdresser hairdresser - I'm a happy hairdresser - 

I'm from Helsinki I'm a happy hairdresser from Helsinki - Hello, how are you? I'm Henry the happy hairdresser from Helsinki.


Phrasal verb TO GET ON 

- to continue (continuar)

- to have a good relationship (llevar(se) bien) I get on with my sister. I get on well with my brother. I get on badly with my boss. 

- to manage (manejar, llevar) How are you getting on with your class?

- (subir al autobus, tren, barco, bici etc. Pero GET IN a car and a taxi) To get in/out of -- To get on/off


Colocarse con Craig (Vocabulary Corner): 

TAKE -  take care of (cuidar) look after / proud (adj.) pride (noun) - take pride in (Our mothers TAKE PRIDE IN their houses) - to take the mickey (bularse de algn.) - to take a joke - 

to be taken to hospital (llevar) take to school / take pity on someone (PITY = pena) / To take pleasure (in something) - Reza took great pleasure to ride in Craig's car. To take advice (from somebody) 


Reza's Top Tip: Use a Thesaurus for a better grammar range (alcance de gramática)

Example: ILL (enfermo/a) - sick, infirm, off coour, queasy, unwell / BIG (grande) - huge, enormous, giant, vast, gigantic, titanic

Dictionary: http://dictionary.reference.com/

Thesaurus: http://thesaurus.com/


The music in this podcast is by Pitx. The track is called See You Later - licensed by creative commons under a by-nc license at ccmixter.org.


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