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Aprender inglés con Reza y Craig

Episode 002 - Las notas del episodio


Gramática: present simple y present continuous



cat / cut

hat / hut (cabaño, refugio)

cap / cup

sack (saco, despedir) / suck


Reza's Hot Tip: Learn words in groups/word families. / aprende el vocabulario en grupos


Collocate with Craig: Expressions with Make and do


do good / do harm

do well / badly

do (s.o.) a favour

do exercise / an exercise - hacer


make a change/changes  /  make a complaint  /  make a decision  /  make an effort  /  make an excuse

make love / war / peace

make a mistake  / make a noise  /   make a phone call  / make a suggestion

make an offer - make you an offer you can't refuse "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in"


Phrasal verb: take on (to take someone on - engañar/to take on new staff - emplear)


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