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Las notas del episodio 001 Octobre 12, 2013:

Gramática: present simple (el presente simple)

Pronunciación:  the schwa: When you wake up Monday morning - a - a pen, a book a teacher, a computer, mother sister, father, brother, banana 

los sonidos debiles: los articulos, los pronombres, las preposiciones etc (of - for - glass of beer, a cup of tea/for - is this for me? It's for you)

cat / cut

hat / hut

cap / cup

sack (saco, despidir) / suck

Reza's Hot Tip (consejo de Reza) : Write a sentence with a gap, wait a few days then try to remember the word and write it in the gap.

Colocar con Craig: Las colaciones con make and do

make:  food and drink  / do business and make money (US English How much money do you make? /Earn? - profit/loss? - make a loss / profit

create / physically make: table, furniture,

Do: in the house (except bed) Did you make your bed this morning?

Phrasal verb : take up - Reza explica los distintos significados del phrasal verb to take up.


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