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In this episode: Air Travel (we're going to help you communicate better when you travel by air)

Listener Feedback: Alba from Madrid:
Remind and remember. What's the difference?

Remember is when you think of a memory, a past experience (un recuerdo):
I remember the first time I arrived in Valencia.
Do you remember the first time you saw valencia or Spain?
I remember arriving in Valencia. (remember + verb + ing)

Remember is also the opposite of forget,
Remember to bring the notes to the podcasting session (remember + infinitive) - don't forget!
Remember to thank our sponsors at the end of the podcast.

Remind is when a person or a thing makes you think about something:
This app on my phone reminds me to take my medicine
Hey Reza, remind me to thank our sponsors at the end of the episode.

People are reminded of things. (it doesn't appear in their head) - I heard a particular song and was reminded of when I first met my wife.
People remember things. (it does appear in their head)

REMEMBER = Person doing it themselves
REMIND = Other person (or thing) making someone else remember.

What's been your most memorable lesson as a teacher? (What do you remember most vividly?)

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Air Travel vocabulary

Airfare (bus fare, train fare, taxi fare etc)
To check in (aisle seat/window seat) - Fly - flight (domestic/international - short/long haul)
fly - flew - flown (to fly - verb / fly - noun = mosca/bragueta) "I have an open flight" - vuelo abierto)
Red-eye flight - early morning/night flight
Boarding pass
Economy/Business/First class
In-flight service
Excess baggage
Luggage allowance
Hand luggage (carry-on)
On board
Turbulence - turbulencia
Overhead locker
To Take off - to land / a take-off - a landing
Cabin crew - steward(ess)/ air hostess/ flight attendant
purser - auxiliar de vuelo
Cockpit = Flight deck
Flight crew - captain/ first officer/ second officer
Ground staff - check-in staff/ baggage handler/ maintenance staff/
To taxi “The plane is taxiing before take-off”
To cruise “We are now cruising at 20,000 feet”
Jet lag - Lost In Transaltion. Bill Murray & Scarlett Johansson (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0335266/)
Private jet/plane
Jet/Propellor plane
Control tower
ATC = air traffic controller (If you’re still not sure what this means, watch the news at Easter every year when they announce that French ATCs are on their annual strike for EVEN MORE money and it’s had a knock-on effect on all European flights. Then you’ll understand! You can set your watch by it.)
Baggage reclaim
Baggage carousel
Duty free
Customs/ Passport control
Airport security


Do you enjoy travelling by air?
What are your pet hates when it comes to flying?
Have you ever flown first class or business class?
What’s the worst flight you’ve ever had?

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On next week's episode: Extreme sports

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More podcasts to improve your English at: http://www.inglespodcast.com/ 

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